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I'm Richard, and I love the ancient history and spectacular natural spaces that distinguish central France. This blog is for you if you want to leave behind the well-worn tourist path and discover the places, the history, the food, and the culture of this wild and beautiful corner of France!

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Looking for a day away from Paris or Lyon -- or a week where most tourists never go?  Take a plunge into the cities, villages, mountains and plains of central France!  Click here to find museums, historical sites, and hiking trails.


France has an association of officially-designated "most beautiful villages" -- and many of them are in the deep heart of the country.  All are historically important and aesthetically pleasing. Visit these incredible little towns here.
People have lived in central France for thousands of years.  Go here to re-live events that have shaped world history and the people who came out of the country's deep heart to influence French history -- ancient, medieval, and modern.
Paris is not France, and France is not Paris!  Learn about life in the center of the country, far from the places most tourists see -- and sample the food, wine, arts and music that make this region unique.  Click here to read more...

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